(Free Press Release) Newport Beach, CA, October 14, 2010----Should you get an executive suite in Los Angeles? This is a question you and your company have been toying with for the last couple of months. Some of you favor the easygoing work life of Orange County while others think a move to Los Angeles can open the doors for more clients. Well, have no fear we‘ll help you answer that question. We‘ll present you with deductive reasoning that will in the end help you make the right decision.

First and foremost, why did the idea of moving to an executive suite in Los Angeles come up? Was there something behind the reason? Some businesses consider a move to Los Angeles because they feel that they are distant from the rest of the clients everyone is minutes away from. Being in Orange County, you and your business are limited to only Orange County clients. There is no reason for a Los Angeles company to try and do business with an Orange County company unless there is a personal tie. However, it does not work vice versa. Orange County companies are more likely to seek out a contract with a Los Angeles based company if they are credible. Making a move to an executive suite in Los Angeles would definitely increase your company‘s client list.

Although an increased client list is definitely an advantage to moving into an executive suite in Los Angeles, it also has its downside. Dealing with the traffic to and from work everyday becomes tiresome and it is not a commute suited for everyone. This could in turn result in a loss of employees and a turn around in attitude. Paying for a further commute to work must offer an incentive for employees. It would be up to your lead supervisors to come up with reasons why employees would still want to work with your company and support the move into an executive suite in Los Angeles.

So have you decided whether a move into an executive suite in Los Angeles fits your company? Which matter most, the quality of work your current employees produce, or a growing client list that will in turn promote more revenue? These are questions you and your team must sit down and discuss. Many owners do not consider the thoughts of their employees, but it is important to stress how a move to an executive suite in Los Angeles would effect the employees.

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