I love Photoshop, though it may be pricey and was hard to learn. Should you love it? In the event you buy it?
Let's first consider the charge.
Photoshop CS5 Extended retails for $699.99 (for a new, non-upgrade version). If you have a prior version, you can upgrade for $199.00. A smaller version of the software referred to as adobe photoshop cs5 is available regarding $79.00. Note, these are retail store prices. You might be able to find discount rates or you might qualify for an educational replicate.
The price is non-trivial, especially when you take into account that there are free software products around that do much of the same tasks Photoshop allows.

Secondly, let's consider the learning curve, which is a significant drawback.
To learn Photoshop good enough for it to become your go into default photo editing program, you should spend a lot of time learning this. You can easily spend 80 a long time watching videos, reading content, and playing with the software only to discover that there's still a lot you do not know about the tool. This can be deemed good or bad, but I think of it as a sign of how powerful the tool is.
So, with the charge and the high learning curve in mind, should you buy serial number for photoshop cs5 extended or even Photoshop Elements?
Before you make this decision, determine what you need. The following is a list of basic picture editing tools that most photograph editing programs, even free ones, will do.
Cropping the picture
Altering the brightness and contrast
Fixing red eyes
Transforming the size of the pictures
Adding wording to the pictures
If individuals five tasks are all that you need to perform, I don't recommend buying Photoshop at this time. Google's Picasso, ArtWeaver, and GIMP are free of charge programs that will do each one of these tasks just fine.
Do you, however, need to do any of these tasks?
Eliminate an element from a picture (like taking a lamppost out of a picture of the park or a cable from a podium)
Add a component to a picture (like placing picture of a person in that will picture of the park and adding the appropriate shadows)
Piece up a picture so you can use it on a website
Replace colors
Resolve old photos
Touch up skin
Photoshop makes the above responsibilities do-able by us mere people. Since I have several consumers ask me for bizarre photo changes, since I have to modify pictures frequently (regarding websites, brochures, and electronic mail), and, let's face it, I'm a computer software junkie, I love Photoshop and I consider it worth the money for my business.
Is Photoshop something you should get? It's a big investment in both cost and time, so make your decision carefully.

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