December 6, 2016 - One of the great nightmares of launching or running any business is confidently choosing a billing system designed around a particular industry, business model, or company size. And of course there are endless options already on the market, making the decision that much more time consuming and confusing. Irish-based startup FlyBilling seeks to eliminate these hurdles through its revolutionary SaaS billing platform that is 100% customizable and will fit the needs of any company who picks it up.

Within minutes of signing up, FlyBilling users will be able to tailor their billing structure to suit their exact needs. This could include separating clients into various billing cycles such as monthly or weekly, etc., and records AR/AP in real time via beautiful, highly detailed reporting.

“From day one, our mission with FlyBilling was to offer something completely unique, incredibly efficient, and totally fluid,” Ales Pristovnik, CEO at FlyBilling says. “Anyone who jumps on board with us can completely customize how they invoice their clients, and can switch up their preferences, organize groups, and separate accounts on the fly. The response has been incredibly positive so far, and we’re so excited to offer even deeper, richer features in the upcoming year.”

Pristovnik says one of the other key objectives for the platform was to almost completely eliminate any sort of learning curve.

FlyBilling is a subscription billing & usage-based billing, which offers subscribers a pay-as-you-go approach to utilizing its services, making it an excellent, scalable solution for a wide range of business sizes, service sectors, and management styles. Cloud-based, and designed to fit almost any industry, FlyBilling fully integrates into SalesForce, Microsoft CRM, Stripe,, Braintree, PayPal, NetSuite, QuickBooks.

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Lara Hayes
[email protected]