05 June, 2014: Irish insurance companies are experiencing a rise in the number of multi-trip and family travel insurance programmes sold nationwide, the Irish Independent reports.

According to the periodical, this shift in sales pattern, which is accompanied by a reduction in the number of single-trip policies sold, indicates that Irish nationals are once again beginning to take more frequent and longer holidays, in a trend contrary to the one verified during the downturn of Europe’s economy.

For certain companies, this increase has amounted to as much as 8 percent over the past six months – an encouraging trend which, according to specialists quoted by the news source, indicates a renewed faith in Ireland’s economic potential on the part of its citizens.

Also according to the newspaper, before the six-month period quoted by the specialists, most Irish nationals took no more than one holiday abroad a year, and therefore tended to purchase single-trip insurance rather than multi-trip, annual or family travel insurance.

The same sources have also speculated that this rise in demand for multi-trip policies may be linked to a decrease in premiums for insurance policies. Rates are said to have decreased as much as 10 percent, and certain companies interviewed by the feature writer admitted they were selling travellers insurance at the same rates as they did a decade ago.

Even with this seeming bounty for travellers, however, specialists interviewed by the Irish Independent made a point of stressing that the same precautions as before still apply. Customers are still advised to read the fine print carefully and ensure the policy they are about to purchase offers the cover they need (some do not account for even something as simple as a mobile phone), and to purchase additional cover if they plan to engage in any activities that may not be covered by a standard policy, such as extreme sports.

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