Brisbane, Australia, 18, May 2016:Getting a new website built is an involved process. Many considerations must get made, and a lot of planning has to be undertaken. The sad truth is that many businesses don't put much thought into the planning stages. As a result, their chosen website designers must make numerous revisions.


The website "brief" is a vital aspect of any new web design project. It lays the groundwork for the construction of a successful website. As one can imagine, it makes sense to have a detailed plan of action in place.

One of Brisbane's prominent web design firms, Ireckon, has come up with a practical idea. They have created the ultimate website planning guide. What's more, they have kindly made it available for free!

The A-Z guide on how to design the best possible website

Already a much-shared resource on the web, Ireckon's website planning guide provides practical information. Its aim is to make life easier for both businesses and their chosen web designers. Marketing agencies and managers will also find the guide useful too.

Ireckon has drawn from 17 years of experience working with clients to create the guide. It boasts a step-by-step process that anyone can follow with ease. Ireckon has now made it easy for organisations to define their own scope.

The guide doesn't document how you can design your own website. Rather, it details how to find the right designer for one's particular needs. It then describes how to get them to build the perfect website.

An expandable document that everyone can adapt

Teams overseeing the construction and design of a new site will benefit from the guide. Plus, it's a document that can get expanded. That makes it a truly versatile resource that anyone involved can adapt to suit their needs.

One selling point of Ireckon's website planner guide is the fact that it's in-depth. It doesn't matter whether a new website project or an upgrade to an existing one gets undertaken. Ireckon has created a practical guide that can get used for both types of project.

Better results

The core aim of Ireckon's website planner guide is to help achieve better results. Both for web design clients and their chosen designers!

When getting a website designed, it's important designers have a clear and concise brief. That way, there is less chance that the project will miss its target deadlines. Plus, designers won't feel frustrated they have the wrong information to work with.

About Ireckon

A Brisbane-based company that specialises in web design, applications and strategy planning. Ireckon has over 17 years of commercial experience in the web design industry. They have a dedicated team of experts that cover areas such as information architecture. Ireckon also works on e-commerce projects.

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