April 11, 2014: Pink Panther introduces amazing adventures for gamers to experience in a fun-filled and exciting environment. The publishers, IPFGames have already been acknowledged for this amazing game where gamers get an opportunity to solve cases and nab nasty criminals. Now, they are preparing to launch the second version of the game with additional maps and characters that will multiply the gaming excitement of all the Pink Panther fans. The game will have several new exciting features, and IPFGames is going to launch a crowd funding campaign to accumulate necessary funds for the game’s development. 

According to the company sources, they are aiming for a contribution target of 180000 dollars. “Contributions will help us to add additional features in the game which would keep gamers involved for hours,” the company spokesperson maintains. According to him, the new game will come with the 3-D features with goggles, and which will bring unlimited excitement for gamers of all ages. Pink Panther is well appreciated for offering hours of entertainment and fun for everyone from kids all the way to adults. 

IPFGames is very much confident to garner support from their fans and meet the project funding objective well within the deadline. This is their first multi-tiered crowd funding campaign and contributors can receive updates, announcements and the pre-launch invitation to remain updated about the game’s ongoing development work. In this way, they want gamers and fans to remain engaged and witness the evolution of an exciting gaming phenomenon. Moreover, fans can also give their advice that can enhance their gaming experience. 

Gamers who love high-speed chasing and want to decode criminal cases are the real fans of the Pink Panther Game. This exciting game comes with an adequate dose of fun and humor, and its 3D version will certainly enhance the pleasure and experience of the gamers. The spokesperson maintains that numerous gamers are excited about the new version of the game, and they are willing to contribute generously. All those who are interested for the updates and announcements related to the game can sign up at www.ipfgames.net

About IPFGames: 

IPFGames is the creator of the popular Pink Panther game. They are going to release a new version of the game with added features. They are preparing to launch a crowd funding campaign to accumulate necessary funding for the game’s development. 

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