United States of America; 28, October 2016: Embedding of videos and playing them online over your website can definitely add to the beauty of the site. However, for a layman using a website on probably any platform, coding a video and enabling an auto playback might be a troublesome task. Moreover, adding features like auto playback or inline alignment might not be something that every website owner might be able to do. For all those who are unable to make this a reality on their website, the tool named iPeg comes to the rescue. This tool is available online and is basically a Video Encoder that facilitates inline and auto playback of videos over websites.

This tool is compatible over all the popular web browsers and supports Android, iOS or major platforms used over PCs. It uses the HTML5 video tag that is a popular element used today. Most of the features that this tool comes with is available for almost all the platforms. However, the company is still working on adding the Auto Playback feature for its Android compatibility devices. But the inline playback feature is already available. For the iOS devices both these features are being developed and the company is expected to come up with this very soon.

For the PCs, all the features can be used and is compatible with almost every browser. Using this tool is pretty easy as one needs to follow basic instructions. The website dedicated for this tool offers detailed video tutorials that demonstrates the manner in which it could be used. Moreover, to learn more about what capabilities this tool comes with one can check out the website. It lists down all the features and offers a direct one to one support for its users. There are a number of other customization options that the tool comes with and needs minimal usage of codes. For any other queries, users may use the How to Use section. The process of using this platform is quite easy. One needs to signup using their email and complete the registration process. The next step would be to login using the credentials and select the package one is looking to purchase. Presently, the site comes with three different plans to choose from. One of them is a trial version while two have been priced at $50 and $300 respectively.

About iPeg Video:

iPeg Video is an online tool that facilitates in creating inline and autoplay videos for different platforms and browsers. The tool is available for almost all devices and web platforms. It is pretty easy to use and customers with limited knowledge can use the tool. For more details, please visit their website.

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