(Free Press Release) The performance of this physical and virtual offices centre on its relation with the media and with social networks was approached in the discipline of Digital Marketing Plan on the Digital Marketing Post Graduation in the Portuguese Institute of Administration and Marketing.
Lisbon 27th July 2011 - The Avila Business Centers, company of turnkey physical work spaces for renting and leader in the virtual offices business was the company choose for a Case Study on the IPAM (Portuguese Institute of Administration and Marketing).

The Avila Business Centers was selected as a case study for the Digital Marketing discipline of IPAM Digital Marketing Post Graduation. Among other topics was analyzed the social media and digital marketing strategy of the company, which has highlighted itself on the business centres and virtual offices area, since it adopted an integrated online communication model, which includes a daily plan of Social Media Communication with emphasis on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The students of this subject also had to analyze how to manage a quarterly communication plan close to online media, clients, potential clients and partners: press releases publication, newsletters and mail shots with articles and news from the Avila Business Centers activity area.

Another area focused by this study had to do with the Avila Business Centers services disclosure and the eOffice network through the myOffice application present on the Apple app Store and on the Android Market, as well as the company‘s presence on Facebook and Twitter.

According to Carlos Gonçalves, this IPAM initiative represents the “recognition of Avila Business Centers‘ work and the bet on digital marketing, which has been a major gain”.

The CEO of this office centre recalls also other aspects which contribute to Avila Business Centers recognition: “This is only possible do to competent partners; not only in communication advisory, but also on the mobile applications area we are developing, where Avila is already considered an international reference on the virtual offices domain.”

According to the responsible of the discipline of Digital Marketing Plan on Lisbon‘s IPAM, Avila Business Centers‘ choice “allowed analyzing the digital marketing application on a broader sense, from social networks to the more traditional communication channels like blogs and newsletters".

Remember that Avila Business Centers had already been recognized by their work, with an invitation to participate in the Tech Media Europe event (January 2011), one of the major European initiatives on the technological innovation domain, where the myOffice application was presented.

About Avila Business Centers
Founded in 2004 with the name Espaço Avila Business Centers, the company changed its designation to Avila Business Centers in 2011. Besides renting turnkey physical work spaces, is leader in the virtual offices business where presents solutions with prices between 55 and 85 Euros per month, with several services associated, among them legal and financial support, personalized telephone answering and access to the potentialities of remote management of the myOffice app for mobile devices: Android, iPhone and iPad. In May 2011 was created the brand Franchise Set-Up, to support start-up franchised companies.
Currently it counts with more than 300 national and international clients and is member and representative in Portugal of the major Business Center network in the World, the eOffice International Network, with more than 300 locations and managed from the United Kingdom. Avila Business Centers has its premises in Lisbon, in Avenida da República and in Avenida João Crisóstomo. For more information visit www.avilabusinesscenter.com