It has been reported that one of the most common problems faced is people unable to access their own router settings page. One of the most common reasons is that most people type as their own default IP router address.

A leading web site called IP Typo has recently launched a popularly reviewed article. The article deals, for the first time, on how to find a very simple solution for this problem. From the very outset, it informs all readers that the IP address is made up of nothing more than numbers. For the same reason, it has been proven a mistake to type I.I at the end. In place of the letters, individuals should replace it with the number 1.1. Once this problem is dealt with, a major part of the challenge is done and fixed. For those of the individuals whose IP address is the same, it will positively open the login window immediately. The web site also listed the name of those of the brands that uses the following numbers ( as their as their own default IP address. Some of the names listed include Linksys, TP- Link, and others. For most of the customers of Linksys Routers, it has been said that typing the name admin as the username has always worked. The password is either left blank or just the simple word password. As for those of the TP- Link Router customers, typing the word admin in both the username and password slots have worked.

The web site has recently informed users of TP- Link that for those of the users who use the new router models, the serial number might not be the same. For such models, users will find that the serial numbers are also used as the password. In cases where the logins fail to work, the manufacturer’s support page helps.

iptypo is a leading web site that specializes in helping users to login to their routers. The site is currently one of the most popular stops for individuals going through the problem.


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