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Due to the involvement of Bob Korvas in projects like the Remington Towne Development, He has gained unparalleled knowledge and insights that benefit his clients in the construction trades. His main involvement to the project is regarding the unique product he has discovered that mainly helped to insure the construction of the housing projects. This new insurance that he discovered ensures that businessmen get paid.

There are instances when these tradesman and suppliers don’t receive payments for goods and services. Since 2008, there are thousands of small to large businesses that have closed their doors due to the terrible condition of the economy. The largest reason for this is the domino effect. If someone goes out of business or perhaps loses their jobs, they won’t have the capability to pay for the materials, products and services provided by the business.

The usual victims of these instances are the small and medium sized business owners. Good thing, for many business owners in Chicago, Bob Korvas has discovered the latest insurance product that could solve such problems. The product is called payment insurance. This product will pay the business owner for colossal unpaid amounts that people or other businesses won’t or can’t afford to pay.

“This product is the perfect solution to eliminate or minimize exposure to no pay and bankruptcy cases,” Bob said.

This distinctive exclusive product was first introduced by their agency about 2 years ago in reaction to suppliers, contractors and tradesman who are not getting paid for the labor and materials they offer. According to Bob Korvas, this new insurance product has acquired huge interest from the public from the very first time he mentioned it. The way it works is simple.

Any business owner that elects to buy Payment Insurance will need to purchase a policy starting at $25,000 for minimum coverage and it will cover each job he/she does on that year. Higher limitations may be purchased for a year or perhaps for one job at a time. This product is really tailored uniquely to suit the individual requirements of every business and is forecasted to have a high demand considering the Fiscal Cliff of 2013 and the increase of businesses being more risk-adverse during this period.

Bob Korvas certainly has knowledge and insight about construction trades for both tradesmen and suppliers. It is one of the main focuses of his agencies on insurance. Additionally, he has been very and personally responsible on residential construction projects for companies he is involved in.

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