Investment Sales has revealed it has saved a retiree’s pension. As an alternative to pensions, many people are choosing to purchase Buy to let Properties. The bank base rate has been around 0.5%, with average property investment returns around 8%. This has led many people to move their cash savings to a Buy-to-let Property.


As a result, people have benefited by investing in property, rather than depend solely on their work pensions. The property investment has helped one particular retiree secure their finances, as it has done for many. Retirement investments often depend on economic performance, which has been uncertain over the past few years.


Investment Sales suggests and specializes in investing in property. Bank interest rates impact what one receives when the money is needed. With a property investment, shares and bonds are not a factor and one does not have to bother with the stock market at all.


“Watching people move from paltry 1% savings to 8% returns by investing in property is very encouraging,” James Wood, PR Manager for Investment Sales, said.


The low interest rates have created an opportunity for investing. The returns for those who invest are high also and with a need for housing, there is a window for making the most out of the current economic climate. Property pension in fact provides a level of security banks do not. It provides another vehicle for attaining financial security when it is needed the most.


Buy to let properties now on the market give investors the chance to take advantage of a secure pension. For more information on how to find these and go about the process, visit the company’s website at


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