Ireland Life Investment Funds

Fund invests in the shares of a large number of companies from around the globe. The companies are chosen simply by reference to their size and accesibilty; there is no attempt to select the “winners”/avoid the “losers”, hence the breif “passive”. Effectively the Fund owns a slice of most of the companies quoted on the World‘s major stock markets user and its value will generally rise and lose in line with world share market. The Fund tracks all markets represented in the MSCI World index/ Indexes and aims to deliver a return within the limit 0.5% p.a. of the index. The Passive World Equity Fund is suitable for investors with more than fifteen years to retirement and investors with a higher risk tolerance seeking to maximise to their returns.

Ireland Life / Pension Equity Fund /Life Security

The investment objective of the Irish Equity Fund is to secure your long-term capital growth for investors and as well for your family. The Irish Equity Fund aims to provide investors access to an actively managed portfolio of high quality, blue chip Irish companies trading on the Irish Stock Exchange (ISEQ).
The Fund is focussed on opportunity and through rigorous research will invest only in those companies with the following criteria:

  • Growth in earnings and cash flow over multi-year periods
  • High return on capital
  • Strong balance sheets
  • Leading market shares.

With approximately 30 holdings, the Irish Equity Fund aims to produce returns in excess of the ISEQ over full market cycles.