PITTSBURGH - InventHelp®, America’s largest inventor service company is pleased to announce that Kevin Harrington, chairman of As Seen on TV, Inc. and a former investor shark on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank has signed an exclusive deal with InventHelp to act as the company spokesperson. Kevin will be featured in a series of national television commercials alongside the company’s iconic caveman.

Along with being a former investor shark on Shark Tank, Kevin is an infomercial pioneer and chairman of AsSeenOnTV.com. In 1984, Kevin produced one of the industry's first 30 minute infomercials. Since then, he has been involved with over 500 product launches that resulted in sales of over $4 billion worldwide with 20 products that reached individual sales of over $100 million. Kevin has helped to launch numerous InventHelp’s INPEX® products, including Rock Bottom Slots, which was featured on a 28-minute infomercial. He’s established two of the most recognized global networking associations, the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) and the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA).

According to InventHelp President Robert Susa, he knew he selected the right person to represent the company after witnessing firsthand the positive reaction inventors have to Kevin. “I’ve known Kevin for many years. After watching the excitement he created and his interaction with inventors at our INPEX show last year, it only made sense to make him our corporate spokesperson. We’re very excited to welcome him to our InventHelp family.”

In business since 1984, InventHelp® is America’s largest inventor service company, with more than 60 sales offices in the U.S., Canada and abroad. InventHelp® also holds INPEX®, America’s Largest Invention Trade Show. For more information about InventHelp® or to contact an InventHelp® sales office, visit www.inventhelp.com or call toll-free 1-800-INVENTION.




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