Pittsburgh, PA - InventHelp®, America’s largest inventor service company, announces that one of its clients, an inventor from Mississippi, has designed an exercise device for the muscles of the face. This invention is patented and a prototype is available.

The Facial Flex Toner would strengthen and tighten the muscles in the jaw and face. This device would assist in rehabilitation for people who have had strokes or facial injuries. Designed for do-it-yourself and commercial use, this product would provide an alternative to conventional exercise products.

The invention would consist of a contoured, rounded device made from two sections of non-toxic plastic connected by a spring-loaded hinge. The plastic sections would resemble athletic mouth guards. Alternating between compression and relaxation would exercise the muscles of the jaw and the face. Repeating these exercises several times a day could gradually increase muscle strength and development.

InventHelp® is attempting to submit the invention to companies for review. If substantial interest is expressed, the company will attempt to negotiate for a sale or royalties for the inventor. For more information, telephone Dept. 05-BHA-978 at (800) 851-6030. Learn more about InventHelp® and their Invention Submission services here





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