Limited time discount on newest product in Green Butterfly Brands group of quality pet treats

The recent introduction of Bark at the Moon’s Premium Wild Caught Salmon Filet pet snacks caused tails to wag in homes throughout the USA. They are available on Amazon and, to make it easier for good dogs to experience this new salmon treat as soon as possible, Green Butterfly Brands is offering it at a discounted price of $18.99 for a five ounce resealable bag. The regular price is $19.99. The new product has only one ingredient. It is 100% wild caught salmon sourced and prepared in the United States.

The salmon treats are created   with a freeze-drying process that preserves all the nutritional integrity of fresh whole salmon. Only the water is removed, locking in the aroma, valuable nutrients, texture and freshness. The skin is kept on the salmon for a little extra flavor boost. Salmon is a lean fish full of Omega 3 fatty acids. These help support a healthy brain and immune system and protect against. skin irritation and inflammation. Dogs of all ages and sizes who have already had the pleasure of trying the new salmon treats have told their owners how much they like them. Cats like them, too.

The company backs up their pride in producing all their products in the USA with an ongoing program which supports the US military by donating a portion of all sales to an organization that trains service dogs for disabled veterans.

Bark at the Moon Wild Caught salmon snacks are Butterfly Brands third product. The others are Natural Turkey Treats and Chicken Jerky. All Green Butterfly Brand products are free of grains, contain no artificial flavors, fillers, colors or preservatives, and are backed by a complete satisfaction guarantee.  They are sold exclusively on Amazon who offers free shipping for Prime Members or orders of $49 or more.

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