America - With the greatly increasing of the number and types of the iPhone5s cases cover which are one sort of cheap iPhone 6 cases , the leather type protective cases for iPhone5 and iPhone6 has become very essential part among all series of this expensive smart phone product. The refined appearance and excellent touch feeling of the leather cases cover let more and more users become bias in favor of such protective outsider sleeve. Today, the editor from famous IPONE cases online seller will introduce with people their newly launched cortex protective cases for iPhone5 and iPhone6 smart phone.

Overall speaking, these high quality cortex protective iPhone5 and cheap iPhone 5 cases from this online seller are all made of the genuine leather material. On the other hand, the sewing and stitching of these high quality leather protective cases are also very excellent and carefully. The workmanship of these cases could be regarded as first class level. For the inner space of these protective sleeve, they make the selection of the internal protective sleeve microfiber which could not only protect the screen of iPhone5 being scratched but also could play the crucial role of fix the phone handset. The handset of the cell phone is made of the polycarbonate materials which are stable and durable. Overall speaking, the quality of the leather smart phone from this famous online seller is very amazing.

However, there are also other unique features of this leather iPhone5 case. If people could carefully see the photo of this case, they will find that there are three slots in the protective sleeve inside where people can put into some commonly used cards, changes and some sort of small objects, which is very easy to use and will provide with people more convenient in their daily life. On the other hand, there is a snap on the surface of the protective cover so that each people can ensure that their cards could not be lost. Their protective sleeves are all handmade products which have been priced at very suitable price. People who have filly interesting about their products could go to their official website for more information about them.

In a words, the iPhone5 and NEWLY iPhone6 cases cover should be the necessary part of each user as these protective sleeves could help to avoid many unnecessary damage to this phone . If people could correctly use this product, they will keep the fresh appearance and shape of their IPHONE for long period of time.


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