30, January 2015: Harsha, one of the most renowned Horary Astrologer and Vaastu Experts from India is pleased to announce that through his MysticHorary.com website he is offering people throughout the world with a unique opportunity to benefit from the wonders of horary astrology

Harsha is an astrologer with years of experience in natal astrology, Vastu and horary astrology. He has helped thousands of individuals worldwide lead a better life and overcome their obstacles. Moreover, through these ancient, yet powerful techniques he can even give clues about a missing person, lost items/ theft, solve crimes and mysteries and much more! 

I can analyse and predict the following cases, give you a brief description, birds eye view of the outcome.( Questions should be reliable and genuine) 

1. missing person, (give clues)
2. lost articles/theft
3. solve crimes (give clues)
4. outcome of civil/criminal cases
5. confirm or deny rumors.
6. Job, business situation and analysis
7. foreign travel/ settlement
8. disputes/ enemity / blackmagic role
9.any event happened in past/ present
or description of any event to be scheduled in future. (brief description provided)
10. Dead or alive questions
11. Spirits role and astral realm, otherworld entities
12. Home, vehicle and property matters
13. Grief, sorrow and past life inclination (continous chain of past life)
14. other mysteries, murder, conspiracy, betrayal, treachery and much more, which cannot be described in this website. However, have a talk with me over phone, then proceed with the consultation. I will be your trusted confidant and your information is safe with me. Any doubt or concerns, call my number and ask me.

You are dealing with serious and reliable person. Enquiries welcome! 

According to Harsha;”I have analyzed thousands of charts in my career. The art of prediction takes years of experience to understand. I have learnt a lot of Indian literature on astrology like shastras, case studies, classic works. I believe in perfection. I am also specialized in reading “horary charts” a kind of divination practiced in India, since dark ages. It is believed to be an answer from nature.” 

Apart from this, MysticHorary.com is an all new information hub showcasing the best practices and principles pertaining to vaastu and horary astrology. The website intends to spread general awareness on how horary astrology and vaastu can bring wealth, prosperity, and fame. 

For more information, simply visit: http://mystichorary.com/ 

For Media Contact:
Name: Harsha (astrologer, natal and horary, vaastu consultant)
Phone: 07736569514
Email: [email protected]