An ALCAT test, or Antigen Leukocyte Cellular Antibody Test is typically utilized to test for food and other chemical sensitivities. It was originally produced in Florida between 1984 and 1986 but has been later changed significantly. Most medical journals have advised against its use stating the outputs are uneven and generally erroneous, calling it an "unproven" method. In fact countless point to it as an ALCAT test scam by the firm who marketed it originally. Most doctors these days generally wont even consider using it when searching for allergies in patients. The reason is that it is usually very hard to reproduce the results required to say surely if a patient is allergic to a certain stimulus. ALCAT test accuracy is certainly something that needs to be considered in an attempt to determine a food allergy.

Food intolerance is usually a reaction to chemical components employed in processed food products and is a lot more common than true food allergies. Figuring out you have a food intolerance can be frightening, especially if it is serious and many choose to give their children preventative allergy tests to uncover what the child is allergic to before they are ever exposed. Many schools and emergency response vehicles are now needed to carry epinephrine to deal with violent allergic reactions as fast as possible. Questioning the accuracy of these results may mean that your child is denied a food that could be nutritionally helpful when there is no good reason. The test results are meant to show that intolerance instead of allergy are responsible for a number of health conditions like obesity, migraines, skin disorders and arthritis among others. ALCAT test results are intended to take care of a huge variety of conditions and symptoms that can be related to food intolerance and discovered via the test. Whether the test works or not is debatable, it might have been around for almost 30 years but the professionals are against it. ALCAT test reviews from patients however often say how good they feel having found out via the test to stay away from certain products. It's very much controversy seeing as the process seems to go wrong when attempting to be proven. In virtually all continents the pertinent bodies of Allergists oppose the usage of the ALCAT test.

The ALCAT test is performed by utilizing a process similar to a Coulter counter. This count and sizes white blood cells before and after their exposure to different allergens. The allergens are given in a gel form and incubated with the patients blood cells before identifying a result. Results are identified by assessing the gel mixture with a control of untouched cells from the patient. The results are printed as a histogram of the two superimposed upon each other in order that the data can be easily contrasted for distinctions. The final result is generally in a colorful chart that categorizes each item tested.

When considering any form of medical procedure many first consider how much it will cost. If the test is inconclusive it could be a waste of cash for something that may have to be reworked, or another method utilized to get accurate results. ALCAT costs differ based on location and insurance. The availability of this test is very dependent on doctors willing to trust the results. If your doctor is against employing the test it may be something you will have to go elsewhere for a referral. Without a referral for your ALCAT test insurance usually will not cover the costs.

ALCAT test