Interview of Vipul Roy from SAB TV’s  Dr. Madhumati On Duty


  1. This is your 3rd show with SAB TV. How does it feel to be back?

This my 3rd show with SAB TV First being FIR, Second SahebBiwi Boss and Now Dr. Madhumation Duty. It’s a Brilliant association which I and SAB TV have worked together. We work like a Family. I feel lucky to be associated with their shows and they think I have a potential to pull a show. The funny bone in me is always willing to come out and which is why I prefer to work for SAB TV. Speaking of coming back, I actually didn’t leave post FIR I did SahebBiwi Boss post that immediately after two weeks I started shooting Dr. Madhumati on Duty. I just got a minuscule break from SAB TV.

  1. Tell us about your character Mohan Prasad.

He is very emotional, very Funny, very witty and stylist guy but overall the layers in mohan is too many. He has come to the hospital to win Madhumati and is so friendly that he gets whole staff with him to woe Madhumati. His style of treatment is different from what Madhumati treats. So if we have a patient whose leg is broken then Mohan will go on into  the history and find out how did he broke his leg and try to cure him and reason behind it. In short he is romantic, intense and witty.

  1. This is the first time that you are working with Debina, how has your experience been?

We are working for the first time but Debina and I have been friends. On sets we are working like a house fire. We laugh and rehearse together. We are trying to fine tune our chemistry but on SAB TV doing romance is an off track thing. We didn’t expect this but it’s funny we are enjoying this phase. Debina is a fantastic actress more than that she is a very sweet human being. We happened to strike a bond very quickly.

  1. This is not the first time that you are doing a comedy show. How challenging is comedy as a genre?

Comedy comes very natural to me and I enjoy doing it always because its in the blood. If you see doing a serious role I tend to it lot more funnier off set so when SAB TV called me for the first time they were like where were you all this years?. I don’t have put a lot of efforts to bring out comedy. I would want to do more and more of comedy shows because I have got a knack of it and I want to entertain people.

  1. Is taking up comedy shows a conscious decision?

Yes,I think comedy show are easy for me.  If you take mythological or historical show they are more of a stress for me. They have heavy attire, Scenes and sets you go through a lot of stress. I feel personally comedy is blessing in disguise. You get to laugh all the time, you create your own punch and I know people say it’s a difficult task but speaking for myself its not much effort to put into to create a humor. If in future I get a chance to do any comedy show I will never leave that opportunity.

  1. Any upcoming projects that you would want to talk about?

I am doing a couple of music videos. I am getting few projects but as of now everything is in talks. I will reveal once I get a clarity on this. Meanwhile just hoping for the best.


Atul Malikram


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