Queensland, Australia — The chief executive officer at Internet Marketing Gold Coast yesterday announced the introduction of a free webinar which is entitled “100 Customers in 100 Days”. The webinar teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs how to use high-level internet marketing services to increase brand awareness and get more prospective customers in the sales funnel.

The Gold Coast Internet marketing company routinely publishes timely and informative how-to articles and guides which are written to teach entrepreneurs how to bring in new customers. The lessons include powerful email marketing services which are proven to get customers to open the email and take the action that’s required to make a sale. Publications also include how to increase a website’s traffic, how to properly create an SEO friendly website and how to use social media to drive traffic and increase sales.

The executive leadership team at the company also produces free webinars on a regularly basis. People who are interested in attending the next “100 Customers in 100 Days” webinar are encouraged to visit the Internet Marketing Gold Coast website. Registration is free and the articles and videos on the website are also free for people who want to learn high-level Internet marketing techniques.

“I want to say thanks for the webinar. I learned a lot and I’ve already implemented some of the strategies you mentioned. I highly recommend the 100 days webinar to anyone that wants to make more money with their business.” — Michael Westin

There are a lot of Internet marketing strategies that can be used to increase sales many of which are free. Regardless of what type of business an owner operates, more people viewing their advertising and website directly translates to more new customers in their doors. The free webinar teaches entrepreneurs how to use popular social networking platforms, viral advertising techniques, effective e-mail campaigns, search engine optimization, web design, and many other tips and tricks.


Internet marketing Gold Coast is a great way to increase hits on your company’s website, which is a great way to bring more customers through your doors. If you think your business has room to grow using internet marketing Gold Coast, then take the free “100 Customers in 100 Days” challenge and see what it can do for you. We’re hosting a completely free webinar that can teach you the seven simple secrets to bringing more customers to you in no time flat.

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