St Gallen, Switzerland, March 22nd, 2013 - Affiliate marketers will want to take notice of the success of Erick Trejo and his “money-making” system based in affiliate marketing. Internet Billion Dollars offers a new method of with four different strategies to make money online fast in affiliate programs. Internet Billion Dollars finds where the money is being made online, and gets participants in on the action and gets them to make money online fast. The program promises a complete change in the lives of users. This program can be used without any prior experience in marketing. It promises to be an effective and profitable affiliate system even for someone who has never before sold anything but who wants to make money online fast.

Started by Erick Trejo, Internet Billion Dollars was the effort of, “more than two years in front of my computer looking for good products and developing the most effective method to selling them.” Mr. Trejo’s efforts have paid off big time, making him an Internet Sensation. “My profit explosion system has catapulted me from dead broke loser Mexican to celebrity internet millionaire,” says Erick Trejo.

Erick Trejo spent years trying many different products and systems on how to make money online fast, and found most of them were a lie. He then made the discovery in internet marketing that changed his life. He truly discovered how to make money online fast. A year was spent painstakingly fine-tuning, polishing and perfecting the discovery into an extraordinary formula for record setting profits. This was what changed Mr. Trejo’s life and catapulted him into internet stardom, and allowed him to travel the world, spend more time with his family and have the life he wanted.

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