Transporting liquids can be a difficult business because liquids can spill or splash if not safely sealed inside proper packaging systems. In recent years, technical achievements have made it possible for people to come up with new packaging units which are better than the traditional metal or plastic drums. Intermediate bulk containers can safely store products during shipment and because they’re disposable, they can save companies lots of money.

Until recent years, stainless steel containers and hard plastic containers were the only options in shipment, because these kept freight safe during rough handling and throughout the shipping process. However, new advances in technology have brought alternatives to this market. Instead of opting for the heavy stainless steel containers, companies can now buy disposable totes. These intermediate bulk containers are gaining more and more appreciation because they come with many advantages. For one, their cost is much lower than the cost associated with traditional metal and plastic containers. Intermediate bulk containers are made out of heavy corrugated and laminated cardboard, which makes them very resistant. Of course, they won’t be as durable as traditional containers, but the benefits they bring are clearly making them a reliable option in shipment.

The biggest advantage of using disposable totes is the cost. Not only are bulk containers cheaper than metal ones, but they can also bring down operational costs in a company. How? First of all, by allowing the filling procedure to run smoothly and fast. The labor is minimal with these containers; their special design allows them to be ready for filling in less than a minute. This means that a company can actually improve its productivity using these containers, because workers are able to save more time in filling and handling operations. In business, as we all know, time means money, so this is an important benefit you can get from using intermediate bulk containers. There are other financial advantages as well: the expenses with this type of equipment are lower because you don’t need to return the totes once the freight has reached its destination. As the name suggests it, disposable totes can be simply thrown away or recycled after use. If you want to avoid spending extra money on the return journey for your empty containers, you should use disposable totes.

There are other advantages to using disposable totes: these containers need very little maintenance, they are very reliable and their setup only takes a few short moments. Moreover, you’ll have to spend no money reconditioning them. Metal and plastic containers need constant maintenance, which brings companies periodical expenses. Because they are disposable, corrugated cardboard totes need no storage space, so this can further reduce operational costs. It’s clear that by using these totes you’ll have fewer general expenses, while transport can be done in excellent conditions. Cardboard containers may just be what you needed for your business. Manufacturers have lots of models to show you, each suited for various applications. Check online for these products.

Intermediate bulk containers are a great alternative to metal and plastic containers. These disposable totes can greatly reduce companies’ operational costs.