Swapatask is the new app in the town which is all set to take over Snapchat and Whatsapp. This is an Interactive Photo Messaging Task App for Android and IOS devices. What makes this different from other apps is that recipients will have to solve a task in order to open the picture that the sender has sent them. This app acts as a puzzle gaming app as well as an instant messaging tool. The tool is an extremely useful tool for businesses as well who can interact and engage with their customers. All that the senders have to do is to take a photo, add a message, set the timer and send it to the recipients.

The recipients will have to click on push notification, click on inbox icon, select task, complete task to reveal picture and message. They just have to install the app and get going. The Swaptask app is already available for android devices. The team is now seeking funds for completing the development of swaptask for Apple IOS version. Both the versions would be launched together. The project is now available on Kickstarter for funding. The funds would cover the beta run of the app and will be used to take the app to the rest of the world.

To know more about the app visit http://www.swapatask.com/ and to know about kickstarter project visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1667458417/swapatask?ref=email

About http://www.swapatask.com/

SwapaTask, http://www.swapatask.com/ was established by Paul Alwood from Birmingham, UK. Paul has developed a new app that has all the features and in fact more than what Snapchat or Whatsapp can offer. The app allows users to take photos, add messages and send them to a controlled list of recipients.

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Website: http://www.swapatask.com/