23, February 2016: With the pass of time, everything in the world is getting developed, except one thing which is retrogressing, the environment. Emily, who is a journalist, believes everybody in the world has responsibility to protect Earth. Therefore, she always tries her best to keep environmental friendly in daily life. She only uses recycling daily necessities and advocates people around her to do the same thing. Air pollution is also a worry of Emily. She thinks the traditional transports are the source of air pollutant as they let out tail gas. So she wants to find another transport that can replace them, which is environmental friendly. Recently, she happily found it. That is Airwheel electric scooter Z3.


First of all, Airwheel electric motor Z3 is environmental friendly as it is powered by electricity. This design has two advantages. On one hand, it never releases tail gas. This is good for solving the problem of air pollution. On the other hand, it doesn’t consume un-renewable resources like petroleum and diesel. This is helpfully protects the resource of Earth. With Airwheel electric motor Z3, Emily can ride it to go everywhere without worrying she is polluting the environment.

Secondly, Airwheel two-wheel electric scooter Z3 is also very comfortable to ride. Actually, there are many electric scooters in the market, so why does Emily choose Airwheel two-wheel electric scooter Z3? The reason is that Z3 is very comfortable to ride. It adopts the front standing riding posture, which is accord with ergonomics. The control bar of Z3 is adjustable. It allows Emily to adjust according to her stature. What’s more, pedal of it is frosted, which is safer and more comfortable to ride. All these considerate designs make Airwheel two-wheel electric scooter Z3 wins Emily’s heart.


Being environmental friendly and comfortable to ride, Airwheel electric scooter Z3 is the best choice of environmentalist as well as everybody.

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