San Diego, CA; 05, February 2016: The spokesperson of the Company Nuvo Derm says to his Novu Derm Instant Lift Review ths this product is loaded with essential vitamins for the skin, Novu Derm is also highly packed with “phytoceramides” complex, a dynamic ingredient rich in antioxidants and which is clinically-proven powerful age-defying agent for the skin. Basically, this compound increases the amount of collagen and elastin that the body naturally stimulates and eventually one of the secrets in keeping the skin free from wrinkles and looking young for a quite a long time.

Scientifically, elastin ensures that the skin is healthy and in a youthful state, on the other hand, collagen’s role is to maintain firmness in the skin, thus, hinders and minimizing the marks, fine lines and wrinkles that are caused by aging or triggered by stress. And, this is how Novu Derm contributes remarkable benefits for aging and damage skin when consistently used.

Novu Derm Instant Lift Serum is an age-miracle formula that brings real transformation to tired, exhausted and old-looking skin through dynamic repair, rejuvenation and skin cells regeneration, without the use of any high-tech methods in rectifying issues in the skin. Independently, Novu Derm is capable for releasing phenomenal benefits for the skin and at the same time guarding it against free radicals and devastating effects of UV rays;

* Decreases all forms of wrinkles and fine lines
* Firms and tightens the skin
* Reduces the appearance of puffiness and dark circles
* Enhances overall skin tone and complexion
* Makes skin soft and smooth
* Develops skin immunity or barrier
* Deeply moisturizes skin for keeping hydration

Due to its incredible honest features, more women can’t help but testifying how Novu Derm has brought revolutionary breakthrough in their problematic skin. According to Michelle of Long Beach, California “Wow! my skin looks years younger, my pores feel tighter and my skin simply glows now! My fine lines are smoothing out. I love it and use it morning and night!”

For more users’ testimonials and further product’s relevant information, all these can be seen in its official website. Since Novu Derm is an internet-exclusive product, orders can only be made possible through online transaction, particularly in its official web page.

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