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It is true to state that a lot of people have become very interested in Instagram and in the amazing capability of promoting various products and services. Nowadays, social networks aren’t just used for mere communication and staying in touch purposes. It is more about marketing and PR, as a lot of businesses have created their own accounts in order to generate traffic to their initial website and promote their newly released product, spread the word about their events and services and bring people together, touching upon communities and enlarging their ‘fan base’.

You should keep in mind that Instagram, as well as other social sites, like Facebook, MySpace or Twitter, are the best source for exposing your ideas and generating awareness on a certain topic, commercial, product, international issue or campaign. Not to mention the fact that they are free! It is not surprising, therefore, that millions of people have given up watching TV or reading the newspaper in order to move to the ‘web’ and be part of this huge global and digital village.

Instagram, a popular online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social network service designed by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, and launched in October 2010 has virtually a plethora of interesting features which are extremely appealing to users. Naturally, it is not wrong to assess the fact that this social network highly needs to become your exploitation tool in order to promote your services and products.

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