San Jose, California — There are very few instances when people can be what they really are from within. Day in and day out they play a lot of roles in the society during which they actually forget their own true nature. The day they feel their own self without having to wear any mask that is the day of truth. And that fundamental change can only happen from within. Every individual needs some motivation to achieve his or her spiritual goal, and they need practical support to make that happen.

This site is all about motivational videos for everyone, be it family and friends, managers and coworkers, inspirational speakers and even life coaches. While people are so deeply engrossed in their daily responsibilities, they often forget the importance of personal development in their life and how to make a difference in other’s lives. The sooner they realize this, the better the rest of their lives will be. “Real Transformation occurs when you become totally willing to enter into the mystery, to walk into the darkness and the question marks, and to see what emerges as you pass into the light” as rightly said by Chris Cade, owner of this site.

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About from LLC, a San Jose California based company, is a site that allows people to watch various motivational videos in different categories such as Success, Happiness, Law of Attraction, Spirituality, and more. This is the largest site dedicated only for videos that would motivate the individuals and inspire them in bettering their lives. The visitors to this site can share the existing videos with friends and family, or they can recommend new videos to be uploaded. These videos are extremely inspiring and are a must watch by every individual who wants to connect with the world of wisdom.

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