It is widely known that hiring a third party inspection company can play a very important role in reducing work related accidents by acquiring the most reliable equipment. Inspection 4 Industry LLC is such an inspection company in Japan, which extended its services to other different countries of the world. They have a wide number of partners across the globe and if you require the services of an inspection company in China, Denmark, Brazil, Egypt or any other country, don’t hesitate to contact them.


Inspection 4 Industry LLC is a third party inspection company in Japan and China, as well as in many other countries of the world. Their services focus not only on vendor inspection, but also vendor expediting, surveillance and pre-shipment inspection for industrial equipment. All of their quality control services are based on the regulations imposed by the Proforma Invoice, Purchase Order and International standards. Of course, the entire procedure is adapted to the legislations of each country and to the equipment that is going to be inspected. Inspection 4 Industry LLC can handle anything from piping inspection to boiler, gas turbine, electric motor and other industrial equipment inspections.


As they are defined in the ISO 17020, third party inspection companies belong to category A organizations, which are more stringent than categories B and C. the reason is because, unlike first and second party companies, category A inspection companies work both with the vendor and the purchaser. They are obliged by legal regulation to make their services available to all sides and provide impartial inspecting services to anyone whom might require them. Category B organizations, or the first party inspection companies, are usually part of a department of a firm, which handles the installation, design and construction of their own products and equipment. On the opposite, category C inspection companies are the specialists that are hired to inspect the equipment that is purchased by the buyer.


Because of the wide number of competent inspectors and partners that work alongside with them, Inspection 4 Industry LLC is not only an inspection company in China or Japan. In fact, their ability to serve your inspecting requirements according to the regulations in order goes beyond the territorial limits of Eastern Asia. Inspection 4 Industry LLC has head offices in Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East in 40 different countries. Even if your country is not listed in their contact section, you can still send an enquiry and they will do their best to help you out. They provide free quotations, as well as consultancy services with no charge.



The third party inspecting services of an inspection company in Japan or of an inspection company in China may be required to make sure that the industrial equipment that is going to be purchased has the same quality as it is stipulated in the purchase order. Another case for this kind of service may be under the terms of the Letter of Credits and other bank requirements.