Inspect My House is stated to be the leading house inspection company in Toronto with their latest equipment and qualified professionals. The company is now offering its service to a bigger clientele.

18th February, 2016 — Based in Toronto, Inspect My House has grown considerably ever since the company started serving clients in Toronto. For what is stated tto be the leading Toronto home inspection service, the company will now be offering their service in the Greater Toronto Areas including Hamilton, Brampton, Mississauga, North York, Richmond Hill and more.

This non-invasive home inspection service is overlooked by the company’s chief inspector Navid Aghili, who is certified by interNACHI and is a visionary P. Eng. According to a company spokesperson, the company is now set to serve a bigger clientele then before and is ready to become the leading home inspection Hamilton company, including other Greater Toronto Areas too. The spokesperson also made an official press statement in which he gave an in-depth analysis of the work that Inspect My House is doing.

“With Inspect My House being the leading home inspection company in Toronto, we knew we had to take our service to the next level, expand and cater to a bigger clientele. Thus, we are now proudly serving Toronto and the Greater Toronto Areas which include Brampton, Hamilton, Mississauga, Pickering and more. A full list of areas we serve can be seen on our official website,” stated the spokesperson.

He further added “Our company has the best home inspection professionals in the area who provide not only a well-rounded and credible service, but excellent customer support too. We pride ourselves in our ethical service. A full list of our services and details about our company can be seen on our website.”

The official Inspect My House can be seen on

Navid Aghili
[email protected]
(647) 861-4499
707-900 Steeles Ave West
Vaughan, ON L4J8C2