A tax preparation expert has published information on calculating income tax returns for the upcoming tax season, available now on the File My Taxes Online blog.

December 28, 2015 — In “Calculating Income Tax Returns for 2016”, tax preparation planner Frank Ellis reveals how people can calculate their income tax liability for free and using the Internet. In the post, he explains and links to the H&R Block refund calculator. The author explains how to use it. Taxpayers just have to enter their filing status, income, and tax year.

Once all of the information is entered, the calculator automatically determines how much the user owes or if they will receive a refund, and how much. The author reveals it is a convenient advancement in technology. One can instantly find out their federal income tax liabilities, income tax rate, and brackets, as is explained in the article.

Also, the refund calculator will suggest whether or not one is eligible for deductions or exemptions. Following an estimate, a person can then prepare and file their returns online.

The author continues with some software selection tips, with recommendations on two different brands with a wide array of features. They are TurboTax and H&R Block. These are the most popular, according to the author, and makes a point at how they are designed to reduce the stress of filing taxes. He also states the programs help get the largest refund possible, as many people miss out on key deductions otherwise.

Concluding the post the author clearly states people who file themselves can get an estimate with a calculator and, once their documents are organized, file their taxes with H&R Block. Go to http://filemytaxesonline.org/calculate-your-tax-refund/ to learn more.

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