Dr. Ashley Gordon and Dr. Dustin Reid of Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre joined eHealth Radio in a podcast interview to discuss breast surgery using GalaFlex.

Austin, TX — June 29, 2016
Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Ashley Gordon and Dr. Dustin Reid of Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Center, a plastic surgery practice in Austin, TX, were recently interviewed by host Eric Michaels of eHealth Radio and the Plastic Surgery Information and Skin Care Channels to talk about breast surgery using GalaFlex. Always innovators, they are among a small group of plastic surgeons around the country that are utilizing GalaFlex to improve and maintain the results of many breast enhancement procedures.

One of the challenges in many types of breast surgery, like breast lifts and breast reductions, is that the skin envelope is damaged and has been stretched out due to weight fluctuations, pregnancy and/or breastfeeding. Surgical results typically don’t last as long as patients or surgeons would like because of the patient’s poor skin quality. GalaFlex is a FDA-approved tissue matrix that provides a strong scaffold in plastic and reconstructive surgery, which encourages ingrowth of the patient’s natural tissue. GalaFlex provides a platform for new collagen and elastin to grow and form new healthy, stronger tissue. Just as a hidden underwire can offer support in a bra, Dr. Gordon and Dr. Reid use GalaFlex as an internal bra to support the weight of breast implants and/or native breast tissue. This decreases the stress on the skin and lead to longer lasting and more beautiful results. GalaFlex is utilized in a variety of the breast surgery procedures performed at their practice, including breast augmentation, breast lifts and breast reduction. It is also particularly helpful in revisionary breast implant surgery.

During the 15-minute interview, Dr. Gordon and Dr. Reid discuss breast enhancement procedures and provide their recommendations for those considering these aesthetic breast surgery. In further detail the surgeons explain what GalaFlex is and what reasons a patient would choose to use GalaFlex for their breast surgery. The breast surgery procedures, recovery processes and any associated complications are outlined. The breast surgery podcast is now available on Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre’s blog.

About Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre

Restora Austin’s patient-centric approach makes them the premier plastic surgery centre in Central Texas. As two of the top board-certified plastic surgeons in Central Texas, Dr. Ashley Gordon and Dr. Dustin Reid combine extensive experience and artistic vision with the most advanced technologies to offer you an unsurpassed cosmetic surgery experience. They trained together at one of the most accomplished plastic surgery programs in the country, Emory University. Always striving to be the best plastic surgeons in Austin and around the country, they never rest on their laurels. Their daily mantra is to always innovate, always perfect, and always try harder, all while developing real relationships with their patients, getting to know them far beyond the procedure they are interested in.

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