Sutton, QC - From March 14th until April 12th 2013, the Shaolin Foundation organizes a 4 week workshop for Youth age 7 to 17 to promote continuity at studies and prevent school dropout with a peculiar approach: teach traditional Shaolin Martial Arts and values.

With school dropout rates still very high across the country and in Quebec, effective solutions to motivate youngsters to continue their studies are put forward. The Shaolin Foundation's mission is to "Teach and encourage youth to learn culture, effort, courage, patience, humility, respect, perseverance, sharing, self-transcendence and success through the teachings of Zen." as explained by Mr. Érik Gosselin, one of the founding members. "We essentially want to promote continuity at studies"..." as well as provide support for some youth from disadvantaged backgrounds or current school leavers."

"We believe that the Shaolin Martial Arts activities and the framework we offer our youngsters help them to refocus, to regain confidence in themselves and their abilities and to motivate themselves in order to set and achieve goals". This year's workshop, the first of its kind, will have an authentic Shaolin Master participate in the teaching. Master Shi De Cheng, a very well-known Shaolin Master of the 31st generation visiting directly from China for the occasion, along with other trainers from the Shaolin Sutton Center, will be teaching and training the students.

The 4 week program, to be held in Sutton, Quebec, will cover, among other subjects:

- Training in traditional Chinese Shaolin martial Arts/Zen (Shaolin Gong Fu, Tai Ji and Qi Gong)
- Study of martial philosophy (Confucius)
- Traditional stretching and strengthening methods
- Ji Ben Gong (basic practice for Shaolin Gong fu)
- Technique, positions and movements
- Energy concentration work (Yin/Yang) and meditation (Zen)

Among current sponsors are The Commission scolaire du Va-des-Cerfs (Val-des-Cerfs School Board) and the Shaolin Sutton Center. The Foundation is currently reaching out to potential sponsors to support these workshops financially and logistically. To get all details regarding the workshop's program and possible sponsorship you can download the the workshop's pdf booklet at

The Shaolin Foundation is a non profit organization aiming to give hope to youth so they can perform in the community and society — through activities that enhance their mental and physical abilities. You can find out more about its activities and background at

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