Lax regulation, cheap medical care and a supply of low-cost surrogate mothers have made India a leader in commercial surrogacy. There are no official figures, but it is likely that hundreds of surrogate babies are being born each year in the country. According to some estimates the number has doubled in the past three years.

The Herald reported last week that some of this demand was coming from Australia, where at least 30 couples are pursuing surrogacy in India.

Commercial surrogacy has been legal in India since 2002. India is emerging as a leader in international surrogacy. Indian surrogates have been increasingly popular with fertile couples in industrialized nations because of the relatively low cost. Indian clinics are at the same time becoming more competitive, not just in the pricing, but in the hiring and retention of Indian females as surrogates.

Middle-class educated women are becoming surrogates to pay for a better family lifestyle. Demand remains strong for surrogacy treatment and surrogate mothers.
The reasons for increase in India is good medical treatment, cheaper rates in India and no legal hassles involved.

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