A company specialising in Alpine mountain biking holidays in the French Alps recently published an infographic detailing the seven best resorts in the area in which to indulge in this activity.

Providing extensive details on the resorts of Morzine, Alp D’Huez, Les Gets, Tignes, Les Deux Alps, La Tania and Val d’Isere, the graphic in question ranks each of these locations based on an extensive list of factors. These include the number of runs, bike parks, ski lifts and trial areas, as well as how much of the total length of course is equipped with signposts.

Out of the seven resorts in analysis, Morzine is considered by the specialists to be the premier location for Alpine mountain biking. With nearly 650km of sign-posted track, ten downhill runs, four bike parks and twenty four ski lifts, the popular ski resort is also renowned as hosting the perfect conditions for the practice of the summer alternative to skiing and snowboarding.

Coming in at a close second is Alp D’Huez, which boasts excellent cross-country and downhill routes, as well as the Mégavalanche, the world’s largest downhill marathon trail. However, when compared to Morzine, this resort clearly loses out in the number of miles sign-posted and number of lifts (at only nine as opposed to Morzine’s two dozen).

Taking third place is Les Gets, which stands out for its ‘freestyle airbag’ (precisely what the name indicates, an inflatable surface for executing freestyle tricks) as well as its free ride slope. However, this is also a significantly smaller and more modest resort than Morzine, and loses out in the infrastructure department when compared to that location. However, like Alp D’Huez, this resort actually boasts a higher number of downhill runs than Morzine, as well as a number of cross-country runs comparable to the runner-up location.

That is also the case for resorts further down this list, which actually possess higher numbers of downhill courses than Morzine, but fall short in what concerns infra-structures and sign-posting (absent at Les Gets and Val D’Isere), explaining their lower position on the list of desirable Alpine mountain biking destinations.

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