New and improved urls will can be seen at Info Taxi, the worldwide main online community & directory for taxi professionals. This major change means that all taxi companies and drivers' public profiles as members of this service will be displayed in a more user friendly way.

The significance of this change undertaken by the online taxi professionals community & directory is as follows:

1. Gain more customers if you are a taxi company already member of the Info Taxi community. And if you haven‘t registered yet. What are you waiting for? Come and list your taxi service ( at no cost whatsoever.
2. Taxi members will now have a 100% friendly url to be published by Info Taxi, Google and the rest of search engines and other digital content organizers.
3. This url will be showing the country and city as well as the company name as listed at Info Taxi. Therefore we take this opportunity to remind those of you who tend to submit names too complicated and large, to start thinking how to optimize your company's name now that it will be publicly displayed on the navigation bar and in the search results.
4. Potential taxi service customers in seek of a cab in any city will now be more inclined to access your profile while searching in Google, Yahoo or Bing as they will visualize both the name of your city and the whole name of your taxi company in the search results.
5. This is the moment to benefit from all free of charge features that this community offers their member and not just the usual information. For example you can start using the keyword tool to define your taxi service area where you work and help potential customers find you. Or you can upload and describe your company logo and images of your employees and taxi fleet as well. And don't forget that you can also embed video presentations about your taxi company.