As the cycling industry bids farewell to the prosperous year that was, a new exciting year awaits both professional cyclists and commuters as the major brands start to unveil the best road bikes for 2013. Culled from the previews made by highly-respected cycling associations and online retailers, several groundbreaking trends are expected to hit the market during the first quarter. In summary, the design principle of this year’s models is focused on achieving an improved aerodynamics or the elimination of a considerable amount of air resistance.

A few “industry firsts” which are expected to finally make appearance have been announced earlier last year, a fact which makes biking enthusiasts of various skill levels feel excited about the market release of the new road bikes. Some recognized brands have allowed a sneak preview of their latest offerings, albeit a few have declined to name the dates on which the bikes will see production. Among the top-performing brands included in the “best road bikes for sale watch list” are Canyon, Coinago, Whyte, BMC, Charge and Rook.

This 2013, many road cycling observers are expecting a new range of lighter and stiffer bikes for urban navigation. Much of the success in delivering such features has been attributed to carbon fiber technology, which started the trend of lightweight frames a few years ago. New methods of compaction are revealed and can be experienced through a stabilized ride. According to industry insiders, the carbon technology may last until another innovative compacting process can be done with previous hard tail materials such as aluminum.

Another key trend to make its debut this year is the increased use of disc brakes. In some bicycles, specifically those aimed at triathlons and racings, these hydraulic discs will be the newest features to make a landmark. A few models have already gone as far as to eliminate the brake bridge, which in turn optimizes aerodynamics and maximizes speed. Such streamlining technology has allowed the manufacturers to drop the bikes’ weight more significantly.

Other than the disc-equipped brakes, there is also a visible improvement in the design of dropouts and handlebars in newer models of road bicycles. Additionally, there are several bikes that are designed for more stability and reduced vibration during rough rides. This can be seen in some of the 2013 models which feature modified fork rakes and chain stays. Longer wheelbases are said to provide a stable ride since they allow sharp turns with ease.

As for the price points, cyclists and casual commuters can expect a roster of affordable road bikes for this year. It is still due to the extensive use of carbon technology, which has a positive effect on lowering production costs. More information and reviews about various type of road bikes check out this website