June 19, 2014: For several industries, such as ink and coating, nitrocellulose is an important component. Industries are often looking out for this high quality and industrial quality chemical. Now, Hebei Jinwei Chemical Company promises to deliver the chemical on an immediate basis to any industrial customer across the world. They maintain a ready stock of the chemical and are capable of delivering it in any desired quantity at any time. Moreover, they maintain competitive prices too.

According to the company spokesperson, several companies face the bottleneck to carry out their production work for want of adequate supply of nitrocelulosa at their production units. But now, they promise to maintain the regular supply of the chemical and industries won’t have to stop their production work abruptly. They offer supreme quality chemical that demonstrates outstanding functionality. This is the reason why their product is more desirable among the ink and coating manufacturers across the world.

Hebei Jinwei Chemical believes in offering highly functional chemical solutions and one can choose the product according to their requirements. For example, one can choose cellulose nitrate with different nitrogen concentration and can keep continue with their production work in a unique manner. “We believe that companies have their own unique product specifications and this is the reason why we offer chemicals with different nitrogen concentrations,” the spokesperson maintains.

The company spokesperson states that they maintain the highest safety standards in storing and shipping the nitrate chemicals. Since these chemicals are of explosive nature, special care should be taken in storing them and shipping them from one place to another. The company not only has a large production base, but they also have adequate storage capacity to help supply chemicals in large quantities on an urgent basis. They have experienced staff that knows to handle the chemical safely and supply it in safe containers to all across the world.

One may check all chemical products available with them by visiting the website http://www.nitrocellulosejw.com.

About Hebei Jinwei Chemical Co., Limited:

Hebei Jinwei Chemical Company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial nitrocellulose, a film forming resin used in the inks and coatings market. The chemical produced by them is a high quality, supremely flexible material that demonstrates outstanding functionality, excellent value for money and high standards of safety. The company delivers industrial grade nitrate chemicals at competitive prices all across the world.

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