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Warwickshire, UK, 23rd September, 2010: For businesses choosing to outsource web development it can be difficult to know who to go to. Indus Net Technologies is able to provide a range of alternative solutions which offer businesses both control over the project and the reassurance that comes from Indus Net's global reputation.
For many small or medium businesses the decision to outsource web development is one which is likely to make a significant difference in terms of both short term and long-term financial benefits. Outsourcing aspects of a business such as web development can prove to be not only much more cost-effective, using the budget in the best possible way, but it also enables small and medium-sized businesses to be able to benefit from the expertise which comes from those specialists able to provide the skills necessary.
But choosing to outsource web development can also present a problem for businesses, because knowing who to turn to can make all the difference as far as both the eventual success of the project is concerned as well as the long-term implications of choosing to outsource web development. Indus Net is one of the leading suppliers of outsourcing solutions, recently voted as the number one SME in India, now also providing its services across the UK. For businesses choosing to outsource web development Indus Net offers two alternatives, suitable either for those small or medium businesses with restricted budgets and short term needs or for those businesses with longer term projects that require expertise at an affordable price.
Indus Net is able to provide either a monthly service at a cost of £1000 per month, or a daily service at a cost of £100 per day. This flexibility provides businesses with the opportunity to outsource web development in a way which best suits both their budgets and their needs, providing a high quality of service, which can be relied upon because of Indus Net's worldwide reputation for providing a highly professional and fully reliable level of outsourcing expertise and service.
For more information about Indus Net, or to find out more about how to outsource web development, visit their website for more information and prices at http://www.indusnet.co.uk/web-developer-pricing.html

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