Houston, Texas - On Saturday, August 10, the independent hip hop artist Congo Tut will breakout into the scene with his debut slngle, ‘Going and Going.’ The new  studio endeavor is an early glimpse into Congo Tut’s upcoming EP release. The track will be available worldwide on all major digital music platforms including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, and the like.

Congo Tut lives and works in the blossoming creative community of Houston, Texas. The independent music scene in the city has gained national attention from acts like Maxo Kream, DJ XO, and Trill Sammy. Congo Tut is set to join the ranks of fine artists hailing from the Texan metropolis. Having worked with producers such as Purpdogg, J Rag 2X, Go Grizzly, DJ Designer Kidd, and Big Los, Congo Tut has made a name for himself as a dynamic, compelling performer worth keeping tabs on.

When crafting his own unique sound, Congo Tut took inspiratlon from some of the finest contemporary hip hop performers. Wiz Khalifa, Sauce Walka, and Chance the Rapper are amongst his influences, and the sounds of Houston and New Orleans have been instrumental in Congo Tut’s artistic development.

Congo Tut believes that there is no time like the present to do what you want with your life. In this first project, he documents himself throughout a series of days. During this time, he expresses his freedom to engage each and every moment and make the best out of each situation he's placed in. What starts out as a normal day, Congo Tut showcases, can evolve into a series of memorable and life-altering encounters.

In order to write and record an EP like this, Congo Tut has had to embrace a high level of honesty and authenticity. Scenes in ‘Going and Going’ and the upcoming EP are especially rent, detailing unique combinations of decisions that lead to extraordinary events. With characters llke strippers, dealers, entertainers, and more, Congo Tut’s new musical portraits are each a story very much worth sharing.

Congo Tut’s new music is designed to be an inside look into both his llfe as a spontaneous artist and as a college student. This music is a guide to the future - a hall-pass for listeners to follow their life’s goals and find the exciting lives they’ve always dreamed of. As Congo Tut says, one must always “go with the flow,” and that’s exactly what this new music embodies.

‘Going and Going’ will debut on August 19 via ADOA Entertainment. Congo Tut’s debut EP is then set to follow! Fans can keep up to date with his music and releases by following him on Twitter and Instagram @Congo_Tut.

Spotify link - https://open.spotify.com/track/1xj9fBrkIj3DcNZPmGw6Jb

Congo Tut
[email protected]
Houston, TX