07/02/2020, Delhi: Organ transplant is a surgical treatment procedure in which a damaged or non-functional body part or an organ of a patient is removed and replaced with a healthy and functional substitute from a donor's body. Even sometimes organs or the tissues need to be transplanted within the body of the same person; this procedure is known as the autografts.

The body parts or organs that can be successfully transplanted to the terminal patients suffering from organ failure that can include heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, intestine, thymus, pancreas, and cornea.

Some of the commonly performed body organ transplantations required and performed in India successfully are kidney, liver, and heart.

Eye transplant or cornea transplant along with the musculoskeletal grafts are usually are hugely practiced in India.

Organ Transplant surgeries are challenging and complex medical procedures to perform and the success of the surgeries depends on a number of factors, such as compatibility between the recipient and the donor, acceptance of the recipient’s body, and so on.  Modern-day medical science has improved a lot to offer successful transplantation surgeries with cutting edge instruments and technologies. Even after a successful transplant, the surgeons can face issues like transplant rejection leading to transplant failure. To avoid such conditions, the removal of the organ from the donor is often required on an urgent basis and transplantation needs to conduct immediately.

Another important factor determining the success of transplantation surgery is the efficiency and skillsets of the surgeons. India is home to a number of transplant specialists; whether it is a liver transplant, kidney transplant, bone marrow transplant, heart transplant, lung transplant or cornea transplant, every kind of specialist is available here to conduct successful surgeries.

There is no dearth of best organ transplant surgeons in India dealing with different organ transplantation surgeries. A number of well-quipped hospitals are also available here with state of art infrastructure to offer the best treatment facilities to patients around the world. To many of the international patients, India is considered as a home for high-quality healthcare services that come along with low-cost treatment packages.

India Organ Transplant is a pioneer organization offering quality medical tourism services to patients around the world at an affordable price. The expert transplantation specialist surgeons and hospitals associated with the organization are providing the best treatment facilities to everyone.

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