Independent Artist - Everyone wants something for nothing even if they don‘t really want nor need it. If the free item is garbage then no worries about throwing it away, it was free, no sweat off your back. One of the most coveted of the free items is free music, especially free music distributed over the internet.

If you are a band just starting out and hoping for get exposure then you should give your music away. No one is going to buy an album of a band they have never heard of before and cannot easily hear the music of. One sample mp3 really is not enough to convince a listener to buy your CD. You really have nothing to lose by giving your music away especially if your music is simply home recorded. On your MySpace be sure to allow for the option to download all your songs. Also be sure to have a link to a webpage to download the tunes. MySpace can be a pain streaming and downloading music. Even a simple free webhost like Angel fire provides enough space to have four songs available for download.

Digital distribution is very different from physically handing out CDs; while they both serve the same purpose mp3s are way more convenient. It is not that hard to put a CD into a stereo and hit song play, but it is more effort than most would like to put into checking out a new band. There is also more effort into creating a CD and more cost. At least with an mp3 a person just deletes the file you do not lose anything, but if a CD gets thrown out that is your money in the garbage. CDs are also annoying to carry around. I have gotten them at shows before, carried them in my pocket and get so annoyed by them that I throw them away before I get home without ever listening to them. While people like free things they do not enjoy carrying things. Leave the baggage at home and keep the freebies convenient and hassle free.

There is really no better way to promote yourself then by getting your music heard. As a new and unknown group you cannot expect people to pay to hear you, not just yet anyway. Throw the dog a few bones and it will keep coming back. Build up your fan base and when you have your loyal legions then you can take the check to the bank. Till then the band will have to suck it up.

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Joe Gottii We provide marketing and promotional services to clients seeking exposure in the music business. We provide Independent Artist and labels with the means to service their records to industry insiders and potential new fans.

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