Orlando, FL — Nov. 25, 2015 — Cathy Briggs, spokesperson for Incredipure, announced that the company is so confident in its new Turmeric Curcumin C3 supplement that it’s introducing a lifetime money back guarantee for consumers. Available exclusively on Amazon.com, the supplement offers a natural alternative for relieving inflammation that doesn’t rely on expensive pharmaceuticals.

“At Incredipure, we’re aware that every remedy doesn’t work the same for everyone,” said Briggs. “That’s why we’re introducing our unique money back guarantee.”

Incredipure is composed of two botanical ingredients, the patented Curcumin C3 Complex® and BioPerine® black pepper extract. Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric that alleviates inflammation, but it’s not easily absorbed by the body. BioPerine® is a complementary ingredient that helps the body absorb and utilize curcumin for more effective relief.

The Incredipure supplement boasts a 750mg Curcumin C3 Complex® combined with a 5mg BioPerine® extract. The 95 percent level of concentrated curcumin ensures consumers receive the most powerful anti-inflammatory supplement on the market. Incredipure manufactures its supplement in the U.S., adhering to stringent safety standards.

The Curcumin C3 Complex® supplement is gluten free and doesn’t contain ingredients associated with many allergies. The vegetable capsules are small, easy to swallow and appropriate for vegan lifestyles. The supplement contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives or stearates.

Turmeric and black pepper are common culinary spices used around the world. Curcumin aids the body with relieving inflammation that results in pain and swelling, particularly in joints. Black pepper enhances the effect of curcumin and it has its own beneficial properties. Its value was so important that at one time black pepper was even used as a type of currency.

Clinical research published in the June 2009 edition of Alternative Medicine Review showed that turmeric contains three different types of curcuminoids, all of which are beneficial for relieving inflammation throughout the body. The research also demonstrated that curcumin contains antioxidant qualities that neutralize the effects of free radicals that cause cellular damage and it has antimicrobial properties.

The unique money back guarantee introduced by Incredipure for its curcumin supplement provides consumers with an additional level of savings and the ability to purchase with confidence. Studies have shown curcuminoids to be equally effective as a wide variety of common over-the-counter remedies for relieving inflammation and Incredipure offers a natural, botanical means of relieving inflammation.

About Incredipure:

Incredipure is a small nutraceutical company  specializing in herbal supplements. Manufactured in the United States following strict GMP guidelines, all products are made using only the highest quality ingredients from suppliers within the U.S.
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