London, Dec - Increation Interiors, the leading London provider of bespoke kitchens, luxury bathrooms and bedrooms, has announced a redesign of their website, in line with their overall image rebrand. The new site is due to go live ready for the start of the new year.

Increation has been custom designing and fitting bespoke luxury bathrooms and kitchens since 2001. They offer a unique, design led service, guiding customers through every stage of the process from initial concepts to installation. At all stages only the finest materials are used, every part hand crafted, ensuring the final product not only looks beautiful, but will last a lifetime.

Increation Interiors is not just another design company and the website rebrand reflects that. The clean image reflects the sleek, customised contours of their designer bathrooms and kitchens, while larger images make it easy for the customer to see the high quality. Increation is keen to emphasise the personal side of their service - another aspect reinforced in the site.

"We've gone for just a touch of quirkiness," said Vincent Cullane, founder of Increation Interiors. "It's the same personal approach we take with our customers, and it works."

This nurturing approach was used to good effect in two recent projects. In Crouchend, it was one of Increation's head designers, Tom Phillips, who worked alongside the owners of an open plan kitchen/diner extension to create their dream. He incorporated stunning, curved gloss kitchen units with innovative lighting techniques to create the illusion of two separate areas while dining. In another project, Increation created a stunning waterfront kitchen by structurally opening up the space, adding sleek redwood units and even incorporating a home cinema system into the breakfast bar.

"It's about going that extra mile," explained Tom Phillips. "We aimed to not just meet, but exceed the clients' expectations of their luxury kitchens - and that included being able to watch Sky News at breakfast time."