Newly Launched Automation Tool Helps Small Businesses Achieve Higher Efficiency with Automated Message Workflow

TORONTO, Canada – Devicode Technology, a leading software development firm, today announced the availability of a free 30-day trial of its newly launched software, InboxParser. The software enables users to automate their daily email and webhook workflow.

Aimed at small businesses, the software solves common operational challenges. Users can automate business processes with message triggers, parse and extract meaningful information and share or integrate extracted information. Benefits include eliminating data entry errors, accelerating response time and maintaining structured data.

InboxParser helps small business to cultivate existing client relationships by effectively communicating with them on a timely basis. It’s not only a cost effective solution to automate email and webhook workflow, but to stimulate overall business growth.

When a user receives an email message or webhook event, InboxParser locates and extracts data, such as first name, last name, street address, email address or other data. Various actions can then be triggered, including sending an email, adding a contact, sending a webhook to a URL, downloading data or even sending a tweet.

According to Devicode Technology’s CEO, the company’s goal is to eliminate the need to process incoming mail and online form data manually, regardless of the number of mailboxes or websites a small business owner may have. With InboxParser, small business owners no longer need to collect information from the reports they receive and then import them to other applications or databases. It’s an especially useful resource for business owners seeking tools to help enter leads into their marketing automation tool or CRM, and minimize the tedium of mailing list compilation.

InboxParser integrates easily with websites that support API technology, and can be configured to work with any email or webhook format. Monthly subscription plans start at $9. Online tutorials, FAQs and other resources are available for new and existing users.

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