Ventura County, CA; 24, April 2015: A new set of procedures offered by the Ventura County clinic Regenerative Medicine Specialists promises to significantly reduce the cost of hip pain treatment compared with existing surgical centers or hospitals. Known as regenerative medicine, the techniques use cells taken from the patient’s own body to greatly speed natural healing processes and do not require surgery or a long recovery. 

The practice, which involves using stem cells taken from the patient’s own bone marrow or fat, allows the body to rebuild collagen, cartilage, bone, or tendons. It’s a flourishing and tested procedure, according to the doctors at Regenerative Medicine Specialists. It can even reduce inflammation and pain. 

Stem cell based therapy shows great promise for the growing number of people who are working out and running in order to stay fit, the doctors say. “There are so many young people experiencing severe joint damage,” they said in a statement. “Now there is finally an alternative to surgery.” 

In the past these procedures were largely cost prohibitive for anyone who was not a professional athlete. Now, however, the costs are within reach of the everyday athlete, the person who goes out and runs five miles each morning. 

The treatments are still not inexpensive, and are largely not covered under health insurance. Still, because the doctors at Regenerative Medicine Specialists perform the procedures in-office, prices are several thousand dollars less than what patients would pay if they went to a surgical center or hospital. 

The therapy starts when doctors withdraw stem cells from the bone marrow in his or her hip. Then, they concentrate the cells and re-inject them into the damaged or injured tendon or joint. They may use musculoskeletal ultrasound in order to ensure the injection reaches the most severely damaged area. 

After the preliminary exam is completed, stem cell therapies can be done in just a single office visit that usually lasts an hour, usually with the patient under mild sedation. 

The treatment does not involve controversial embryonic stem cells, according to the doctors. It is a straightforward use of cells taken from the patient’s own body: doctors minimally manipulate them in the lab, then return them to the patient. 

Stem cell therapies for hip pain can be attractive for patients who want to avoid surgery, as well as for those who have been deemed too old, too young, or too medically unstable for a full hip replacement. Surgery represents a very invasive option with many possible complications, whereas stem cells are a natural and very powerful option that may make surgery unnecessary while reducing pain and inflammation. 

Stem cell therapies can be used for a wide variety of orthopedic conditions, from arthritis to tendonitis to degenerative disc diseases. In many cases patients with even severe joint damage experience improved functioning and significant pain relief. Nevertheless the procedure does not produce instant results — pain relief generally appears within several weeks, while new tissue formation can take up to six months and the greatest effects appearing three to four years later. 

About Regenerative Medicine Specialists: 

The Regenerative Medicine Specialists are three doctors with extensive experience performing stem cell and related therapies, located in Ventura County. 

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