In Conversation with the Dashing Nani from the show Khatmal —E-Ishque


Veteran actress Sulabha Arya is all excited about essaying the role of a super cool ‘Nani’ in Sony SAB’s upcoming romantic comedy series — Khatmal-E-Ishque. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

What made you chose this show?

The main reason I chose ‘Khatmal-E-Ishque’ was for its association with Garima Productions. I have always shared a special bond with Ashwni Dhir who is the Producer of Garima Productions and also the writer of the show.  Moreover, I have worked on few episodes of SAB’s long running show Chidiyaghar, hence I am aware of their working style, the atmosphere of the set and I am very comfortable with it.

Additionally, once I take up a task, then I do not get into the nitty-gritties, I believe in my directors and producers and trust their decisions. Over time, we have achieved a mutual confidence about the roles I am about to play, and we are confident that it can be pulled off without a hassle. Thus, when they approached me, there was no question of saying no.

Tell us about the first episode on Khatmal-E-Ishq

I don’t want to divulge a lot as I want the viewers to watch the series. The story is about Kapildev (Vishal Malhotra), an eccentric traffic cop from Kanpur and Lovina (Umang Jain), a physiotherapist from Goa who fall in love with each other. It is a love story, which everyone can relate to as it is based on real life situations faced by us. It is not a forced comedy and involves a lot of emotions as well, which I am sure will pluck at everyone’s heart strings.

 Tell us about your character in the story?

I play the character of a catholic Nani who is vivacious and always happy. She also has a very caring side to her, particularly towards her granddaughter Lovina. She stands by Lovina and is supportive of her choice of a life partner particularly when she faces opposition from her father who is not on board with the love affair.

The entire cast had flown down to Goa for the shoot. Share your experience shooting in goa?

Shooting in Goa was just like a picnic for us. Over time, we had formed a great bond with the entire unit and production team. The working conditions, the people in goa and weather was just perfect for the shoot.  Ideally, any task I take up I give my 100% and try to enjoy every moment, but with such a beautiful place like Goa, with such lovely people and food, the experience was made even more special.

 Tell us about your association with Sony SAB.

My relationship with SAB goes back many years., I have worked on ‘Yes Boss’ another long running show which was a weekly program, that had worked for almost 8-9 years. It’s not a new thing for me to work with SAB. I share a special bond with them and I am very comfortable working with them.


‘Khatmal-E-Ishque’ will premiere from 13th December 2016, Monday — Friday at 10 pm only on Sony SAB!