07 June, 2014: It is necessary for athletes to know the best techniques for increasing vertical jump abilities so that they can improve their game. Increased vertical jumping helps any sports enthusiast with basketball dunking, volleyball play, football, track, and cheerleading performances. There is a new website that offers articles packed with techniques and information, which allow readers to see dramatic increases in vertical jump skills.

This new website, www.verticalwiz.com, aims to help individuals jump higher by providing proven, specific techniques for improving vertical jumping. Articles focus on critical exercises, work out routines and other practices, which will allow a person to successfully improve a jump.

When the human body makes use of its muscles to resist gravity and jump, those muscles are what propel a person to move in a vertical fashion. The more power a person can bring to a jump determines just how high he or she can rise above where he or she stands. A person needs to know how to measure his or her vertical jumping skills in order to begin improving them.

The easiest technique for doing this is for a person to stand close to a wall which has a smooth, even surface. If possible, place a measuring tape vertically along the wall. From there, he or she must jump as high as possible and touch the wall. The point at which the wall is touched along the measuring tape shows how high a person’s vertical jump is.

Power is believed to come from speed, and from that speed and power comes a higher jump. Athletes who are wishing to see drastic increases in vertical jumping need to focus on building the power and speed needed for higher jumps. Verticalwiz.com offers techniques to help athletes work to increase strength and speed.

The most important thing for athletes to do is build lower back strength, hamstring strength and muscle tone in the quads and calf areas. The next most important step is working to increase the speed with which an athlete goes to jump, vertically. This is accomplished by committing to high-intensity workouts, which include an array of plyometric exercises.

The workouts alone are not enough the exercises in these workouts have to focus on building leg strength as well as lower back strength. Without the power from the legs and lower body, there is not much that can be done to increase a vertical jump.

Visit verticalwiz.com to get the right training tips, nutritional information and the correct techniques needed to get vertical jump increases, safely and effectively. The entire process requires focus and commitment, but with the proper techniques, higher vertical jumps are possible with an increased strength, power and speed.

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