The UK is now officially out of recession and organizations are now ready to drive their business forward into 2010. One of the key factors to help move forward is a progressive training programme.

The Christmas and New Year holiday season is now a distant memory, so is the bad weather that has disrupted businesses in northern Europe for the first couple of weeks in January. Organisations have now returned to normal work. They are ready to tackle the challenges of 2010.

This is a perfect time for business owners to reassess and re-evaluate the ´to do list‘ for the coming months and one of the key issues is to improve the efficiency of your business by using an experienced management training company to maximize the potential of your staff this year.

First class training programmes are essential to the success of your business in the competitive environment that everyone is working in.

Investing time and money in training can pay long-term dividends and just because there are financial constraints on companies and Government departments does not mean that you stop training your staff.

If you don‘t train your workforce they will not keep up to date with present and new legislation or be able to deal with customers and perform well in the workplace.

Your business must count in the market place and your staff‘s training requirements must be kept up to date in 2010.

Under the “Train to Gain” Scheme in the UK, an organisation can receive a grant towards its training. This is a great way of adding funds to the training budget.

Gráinne Suter of jml Training & Consultancy said ” At jml Training we offer a very wide selection of training services geared up for the private and public sector in the UK.

Our training programmes are individually tailored to a specific client‘s requirements and range from in house courses lasting one day to several days.

We offer courses on leadership, interpersonal communication skills, project management, diversity awareness and much more”

During the past 13 years jml Training has delivered training to companies, local councils, Government departments, health authorities and Universities.

There has never been a better time to invest in your organisation's future than investing in Training Now.

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More information about jml Training
jml Training and Consultancy is a specialist training company offering "in-house" training courses to local government. Universities, councils and companies - both small & multi-national. It has been established over ten years and apart from providing training services in the UK, its' trainers also train in France, Ireland & worldwide.
The specialist areas include leadership and team development, executive coaching, and management development programmes and diagnostic assessment, diversity and inclusion, customer service training, more information at