Doremisoft video converter is a video converter that help you convert video from camcorder like Sony, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Toshiba, etc. Downloaded video from the internet like YouTube, Hulu, etc. to the format you want like AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, MPG, etc. After converted the video can play the video with Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, iPhone 4S and more for optimized playback, the converted video also can be import into Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Windows DVD Maker for editing. The Mac version help to convert video to iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express.

Why Video Converter is so important, you can know from the follow guys' problem:

1. "How can I convert MTS files to mp4 on a Mac?

My Canon camcorder creates MTS files - I can not use these in Final Cut. Is there a way to convert these files to mp4? I CAN NOT download any software for this as I will be working on a school computer."

2. "How to get my video files to iMovie?

I got some video saved to my mac that is only able to be pulled up and watched on my quicktime player and itunes. But it wont let me import it to iMovie. Is there a way to do this? Does it have to do with converting it to a MPEG4 (i don't really know what that means)? How do you do that?"

Yes, different software application and portable devices support different file format, like imovie can not recognised wmv file, you can not edit swf file with final cut pro, Google Nexus 10 can not play MKV file, and so on. But all the problem can be solved by a video converter.

To learn few examples about what can Video Converter do:

1. Nikon D5200 is able to record gorgeous Full HD 1920 x 1080 footages at up to 60i or 50i (NTSC or PAL) in H.264 MOV format. Because of the H.264 codec compressed MOV, it is hard to imported into imovie, this software can help to convert video from nikon d5200 to imovie for editing.

2. Toshiba Camileo camera series, including S20, S10, H20, S30, etc. is a kind of aesthetically-made pocket camcorder shoot full HD 1080P (as well as 720P) videos in .avi format. This video converter will help to do the toshiba avi sony vegas conversion. After converted, import the converted video to Sony Vegas will be easy.

3. Xbox 360 supports videos in Windows Media Video (WMV) format (including high-definition and PlaysForSure videos), as well as H.264 and MPEG-4 media. To watch YouTube FLV, WMV, MP4, AVI and more file formats video, this converter also can help to convert Youtube video, so watch YouTube on Xbox will be nice.

4. WebM videos provide videos in HD quality while their sizes are much smaller than MKV, MP4 and so on. To insert MP4 video onto web, the video converter help to convert mp4 to webm also is appreciate.

So just enjoy the video converter.

About Doremisoft

Doremisoft is a comprehensive third-party video/audio tools developer who has gained great reputation from lots of users worldwide. Doremisoft video tools offer users multiple solutions for common videos, HD videos, audios, DVDs, blue-ray DVD videos and more.