When you work in the optical field, where there are all sorts of optical assemblies produced, you need to know a little bit about the components of that you use. For instance, if you want to know what a magic link is in the science field, then you should know that it is a component that helps you link two things and allows the light to focus on it. These links are also called witness samples. Another important thing that you need to understand is what optical coatings are and what are they used for. So, if you have simply taken a look at different items that use lenses, then you might have seen that they have a tint of blue or violet.


This means that they have a special coating on in order to prevent the light from reflecting. If you have a pair of binoculars or even a telescope, as long as you look carefully, you will be able to notice that tint. Why do you think optical coatings are needed? Well, regardless of the lens used for the optical assembly, due to the fact that the light reflects, once it reaches the piece of glass, what you will see will be deprived by around eight percent of the light. You might not think that this is much, but if you are holding an optical assembly in your hand, you will notice that it does not have only one lens in its composition. This means that you will be losing more and more light every time, the light gets to one of the lenses.


Everything adds up and so, what you are trying to see is not that clear anymore. Fortunately, with optical coatings, things are very different as they reduce the loss of light. Depending on the quality of the coatings and the number of coatings applied to a surface, you will be benefiting from a lens that does not have to deal with light loss greater than four percent. This percentage can even be reduced to around two, depending on the coating and the number of layers applied to the piece of glass used in the assembly. You can have optical products in your hand that can have only one lens coated or all of them coated or even just a few of these components coated, depending on what the manufacturer wanted to obtain.


Now, if you are wondering why do you need witness samples, then you should know that witness samples are like a link that helps you get to the target. To put it another way, if you want to see the train station, but you cannot remember how it looks, you need a link. This link can be anything, as long as it connects you to the train station. So, you can use a photograph as the link to the train station. Understating the way different optical elements work help you understand the way optical assemblies are made. Moreover, once you have understood what is the role of a component, you can connect the dots and understand the whole process.



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